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June 13, 2010 at 12:08 am | Posted in Movie Review, Tamil | 6 Comments
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Hello Everybody

I watched this movie recently and I became a great fan of Santhosh Sivan. There are many tamil movies like this, which never got released but got critically acclaimed. Now a days movies are made with very huge budget without any content in it.  This movie was shot in thirteen days with very few characters and less buget. This movie won Silver Lotus Award – Best Film on Environment Preservation/Conservation and the girl acted in this movie also won national award. I really salute Santhosh Sivan for making movies like this without the intention of making business out of it.

Outline: This story revolves around the little tribal girl Malli. This movie shows how this little girl is concerned about the environment and how we humans are destroying our own environment. This movie also shows her dreams and different relationships she has in the forest.

Shwetha is the name of the girl acted in this movie. She has acted very well and you will really enjoy her expressions. As usual Santhosh Sivan has shot this movie in very beautiful locations. You can watch this movie just for his cinematography. Music is by Aslam Mustafa, he has given some simple songs which will get into your mind when you hear it for the first time. Please watch this movie and you will know how beautiful this movie is…..

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  1. great review….I saw this movie and I loved it……

  2. Thanks dude because of you I got to see this wonderful movie..
    I really loved it ..
    Thanks a lot
    found your blog from DPF on orkut.. I am ‘serendipity’ over there

  3. Hey Manoj …I too liked this movie very much…I will post some more rare tamil movies here……

  4. Thanks, Also I got to watch Guna after a gap of 15 years.. Oh my god what a movie it was.. such splendid acting and the minute details that are taken care of in the movie by the director, music was soul stirring..
    What are your views ?

    • yup…I agree….I would say it is far ahead of time….Movies like Kadhal Konden are inspired from it. Kamal movies are always like that. Even Anbe sivam didn’t do well in the box office but now people are appreciating it. I watched Guna long back, I have to watch it again……Now the trend is getting better…People have started to appreciate good efforts.

  5. You talked about ilayaraja’s music….I started hearing Guna songs and went for a complete round of his songs……He is a genius…….

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