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Hello everybody

I am back with yet another classic tamil movie Veedu. Most of you would of heard about this, I don’t know how many of you watched this classic. I wanted to share the link of this movie with you all.

Here is the plot outline and review……

Veedu is a simple film that portrays the difficulties faced by a middle class women (Archana) in building a house.It is one of the best movies of Balumahendra. Maestro Ilayaraaja’s background score is a great highlight in this film.  Archana won national award for her performance….oh …what a performance. Chokkalinga Baagavathar is my favourite as usual he has done his best. An excellent movie with great music, great cinematography, great acting….. Please watch this movie and you will know how simple and beautiful this movie is…

Here is the link…..


America America (Kannada Movie)

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Hello Everybody

Recently, I watched this movie and I really loved it for its theme. I don’t know Kannada but, if you know tamil you will manage to understand this movie. What I really like in this movie is its theme….The story is very simple but the background of the story is really good. This movie clearly shows the life style of the Indians living in U.S.  It shows how people change after experiencing luxurious life style in U.S., It shows their change in behaviour, attitude and culture. This movie was taken in  1995 but, all the events shown in this movie is happening even now.  People settled in U.S.A will definitely be able to relate this movie atleast in one scene. This movie won national award for the best regional fim.


The movie is about three friends: Soorya (played by Ramesh Aravind), Shashank (Akshay Anand) and Bhoomi (Hema). After finishing their undergraduate studies, Shashank goes to the US for further studies. Soorya starts his business in his India. Bhoomi marries Shashank and they both settle in U.S.A.  The rest of the story shows how the relationship between these three people change over a period of time.

As I said, they have shown the Indian-American life style only in background and the main story swiftly moves using that theme. After seeing this movie you will know what are the compromises that people make in order to earn money and posh life style in U.S.A.  Ramesh Arvind has shown emotions naturally, he has out performed the other actors.  Watch it and you will know the other side of the Indians living in U.S.A.

Here is the link…..

part 1

Part 2

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