Azhiyatha kolangal- Movie review

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Hello Everybody

I am back after a big gap. Whenever I search for rare tamil movies Balu Mahendra’s movie will always be on top my list. So this movie is another classic from this legend.  This movie is a refined version of the tamil movie ‘Boys’. It portrays the life of three teenage boys.  I have nothing to tell about the story, it is very simple and poetic. I love the photography and as usual I got only a bad print of this movie online. I am happy that I at least found this movie online. It has great songs It is a treat to watch…….

here is the link


Veedu Movie

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Hello everybody

I am back with yet another classic tamil movie Veedu. Most of you would of heard about this, I don’t know how many of you watched this classic. I wanted to share the link of this movie with you all.

Here is the plot outline and review……

Veedu is a simple film that portrays the difficulties faced by a middle class women (Archana) in building a house.It is one of the best movies of Balumahendra. Maestro Ilayaraaja’s background score is a great highlight in this film.  Archana won national award for her performance….oh …what a performance. Chokkalinga Baagavathar is my favourite as usual he has done his best. An excellent movie with great music, great cinematography, great acting….. Please watch this movie and you will know how simple and beautiful this movie is…

Here is the link…..

America America (Kannada Movie)

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Hello Everybody

Recently, I watched this movie and I really loved it for its theme. I don’t know Kannada but, if you know tamil you will manage to understand this movie. What I really like in this movie is its theme….The story is very simple but the background of the story is really good. This movie clearly shows the life style of the Indians living in U.S.  It shows how people change after experiencing luxurious life style in U.S., It shows their change in behaviour, attitude and culture. This movie was taken in  1995 but, all the events shown in this movie is happening even now.  People settled in U.S.A will definitely be able to relate this movie atleast in one scene. This movie won national award for the best regional fim.


The movie is about three friends: Soorya (played by Ramesh Aravind), Shashank (Akshay Anand) and Bhoomi (Hema). After finishing their undergraduate studies, Shashank goes to the US for further studies. Soorya starts his business in his India. Bhoomi marries Shashank and they both settle in U.S.A.  The rest of the story shows how the relationship between these three people change over a period of time.

As I said, they have shown the Indian-American life style only in background and the main story swiftly moves using that theme. After seeing this movie you will know what are the compromises that people make in order to earn money and posh life style in U.S.A.  Ramesh Arvind has shown emotions naturally, he has out performed the other actors.  Watch it and you will know the other side of the Indians living in U.S.A.

Here is the link…..

part 1

Part 2

Kutty (2001) Tamil movie

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Hello everybody

I saw Kutty (2001) tamil movie (not the one that recently released with Dhanush in the lead role). This is one of the best attempts in Tamil Cinema. In my day to day life I have seen lot of little children working in tea shops and hotels but, I had spent only couple of minutes pitying them thats it. But, this movie instigated some kind of guilt feeling inside me for not doing something useful to these little children. This movie will definitely raise questions in your mind about our behavior towards the servants and laborers. In India servants and laborers are treated like slaves (Ex: Angadi theru) and this movie shows how people in high class society are taking advantage of the poverty of the people.

This movie shows how a young girl Kutty turns into a child laborer and the difficulties faced by her in the society.

Shwetha (Kutty) has performed excellently , she won national award for this movie. The director also Won Silver Lotus Award – Special Jury Award. I was wondering how this little girl conveyed such hard emotions effortlessly. The cast is very experienced which include: Ramesh Aravind, kousalya, M.N. Rajam, Nasser and Easwari Rao. All of them have performed very well, while watching the movie I had a felling that they are real life characters. Illayaraja has done an excellent job in the background score. A great attempt by the director Janaki Vishwanathan..

here is the link

Navarasa (Tamil movie) review

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Director: Santhosh Sivan

Music: Aslam Mustafa

Hello everybody

Recently I watched some national award winning tamil movies, Navarasa is also one among them. As I said before, I have become a great fan of Santhosh Sivan after watching his directorial ventures. This movie is yet another example of his passion towards making a good cinema. No one will dare to take such a script except Santhosh Sivan. You will definitely change your opinion about the trans gender after watching this movie .  I have mocked those people along with my friends and now I really feel bad for doing that.


This movie portray the difficulties faced by the trans gender in the society. After watching this movie you will get answers to all the questions you have about them.


I watched this movie in  a very bad quality hence, I couldn’t enjoy the cinematography of Santhosh Sivan. This is Shwetha’s second movie with Santhosh Sivan (First one was Malli). She has performed very well and she also looks cute as a teenage girl. All the Trans gender characters acted in this movie are real life characters and they have performed their part very well. The second half of the movie is like a documentary but, you will come to know the story behind the trans gender. Please watch this movie and you will definitely know how bad our society is.

here is the link:

Malli(Tamil movie)

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Hello Everybody

I watched this movie recently and I became a great fan of Santhosh Sivan. There are many tamil movies like this, which never got released but got critically acclaimed. Now a days movies are made with very huge budget without any content in it.  This movie was shot in thirteen days with very few characters and less buget. This movie won Silver Lotus Award – Best Film on Environment Preservation/Conservation and the girl acted in this movie also won national award. I really salute Santhosh Sivan for making movies like this without the intention of making business out of it.

Outline: This story revolves around the little tribal girl Malli. This movie shows how this little girl is concerned about the environment and how we humans are destroying our own environment. This movie also shows her dreams and different relationships she has in the forest.

Shwetha is the name of the girl acted in this movie. She has acted very well and you will really enjoy her expressions. As usual Santhosh Sivan has shot this movie in very beautiful locations. You can watch this movie just for his cinematography. Music is by Aslam Mustafa, he has given some simple songs which will get into your mind when you hear it for the first time. Please watch this movie and you will know how beautiful this movie is…..

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Vanaprastham (Malayalam)- Movie Review

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Hello everybody

I saw a Malayalam  movie (Art) called Vanaprastham today. I would consider it as an art rather than a movie. I have not seen many Malayalam movies, I think this is my third movie. This movie is strictly for hard core movie lovers and not for everyone. I don’t like revealing the full story of a film, so I will give a brief outline of the plot….

Set mainly in the 1950s when India was still under British rule, Kunhikuttan (Mohanlal) is a Kathakali dancer. This is an expressive form of South Indian theater that uses sign language, pantomime, music, and dance to relate stories of Indian mythological and historical figures. Kun is a respected performer but is a member of a lower caste, without wealth or personal happiness. His father (Venmani Haridas), an upper class Namboodiri (Brahmin), has rejected him and he is stuck in an arranged marriage that provides no comfort, enduring it only for the sake of his beautiful daughter. An alcoholic by day, he comes alive when he puts on colorful costumes, hears the beat of the chenda drum, and takes on the persona of the mythological heroes he portrays.

It is a movie which shows the emotions of a son neglected by his father. This movie is very subtle and moves in its own pace. Technically the movie is great because of Santhosh Sivan’s Camera and Zakir Hussain’s music. The music is so soothing to hear when watching the movie. I have never seen a kathalkali dancer before but after seeing this I can imagine only Mohanlal as a kathakali dancer.  He was so natural in his emotions and I was literally moved by his performance in the climax. Suhasini has acted a subhadra and she has performed very well in the movie. She looks old and the dubbing given to her didn’t suit her at all. This movie won national award for the best movie and Mohanlal won national award for the best actor.  Please don’t miss this if you like artistic movies……or watch it for Mohanlal…..

New Blogger………..

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Hello everybody

I am new to blogging….This week I am planning to share some of the photos that I took recently. I will also post reviews of the movies I saw recently.

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